Meal Planning (Week of Feb. 23)

Weekly Meal Planning with www.keepingmommysane.comCan you believe it’s almost March?! February seems to have flown by. For me, March is one of those loooooong months …. and can be such a tease that spring is almost here, but not quite.

Anyway, we took a break from meal planning last week due to school vacation week. Dr. G. and Buddy went skiing for two days on a mini-boys trip, and honestly, I was having one of those weeks when I did not want ANYTHING healthy. Salads I made for lunch languished in the fridge, the thought of them making my stomach turn. All I wanted were carbs and dairy, which was interesting, since I have been drastically cutting back my dairy intake for a few weeks now.

And it culminated in this: Check out my lunch — all vegetarian sides — on Friday at Sweet Cheeks, a BBQ place in Boston.

photo (27)

Um, I don’t normally get mac & cheese for lunch. But man, was it good.

So now that we’re all back and we have somewhat of a “normal” week ahead of us (I say somewhat because Dr. G. is traveling one day), it’s time to jump back into our meal planning again.

Meal Plan

Sunday: Crepes! I have been having such a craving for them. We’re making two different kinds: a carrot and cashew crepe that is divine (it’s from one of the Moosewood cookbooks) and a new recipe Dr. G. found with mushrooms and a red pepper sauce. Oh, and Nutella and strawberry crepes for dessert. Let’s see how long that Nutella lasts in my house. Someone (um, me) tends to eat it right from the jar with a spoon.

Monday: The earth must have screeched to a halt last week because Buddy told me he wanted to have chicken noodle soup for New Food Monday (which was shocking since we haven’t really been doing NFM for awhile now). But who am I to deny my kids the chance to try something new for dinner? So chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese it is! (I will be having one of my favorites: Amy’s No Chicken Noodle soup). This works out well, anyway, since I have a 7pm PTO subcommitee meeting.

Tuesday: Roasted cauliflower and sweet potato quinoa “meatballs” (thanks to my aunt for posting the idea on Facebook – sounds so yummy!)

Wednesday: Roasted brussels sprouts and veggie burgers (me) or hot dogs (kiddos)

Thursday: Dr. G. is away so it will be a breakfast-for-dinner night (scrambled eggs, toast, fruit)

Friday: Pizza (since Buddy has a sleepover here at the house)

Saturday: I’m having a girls night out, so the family is on their own :)

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Workout Plan

I ran outside today for the time time in what seems like forever! It was a little treacherous at times and I kept my pace relatively slow (and was forced to stop and walk when the roads or sidewalks seemed especially slippery — better safe than sorry — and I had to dodge snowbanks and traffic), but, wow, did it feel good to run in fresh air. And I thought my time was pretty good, considering.

photo (26)

My other highlight from last week was an AMAZING Bikram yoga class. It was probably my best yet. And I’m starting to notice my tight and totally unflexible hamstrings loosening up a bit. Now I am curious to try barre classes. Anyone have any experience? I did ballet when I was younger and while I know barre fitness classes are totally different, the idea is still intriguing. A studio opened the next town over so I may go check them out in the coming weeks, just out of curiosity.

Also this week I am deviating slightly from my Half Marathon Training Plan, which originally had me running 4 days, but between Dr. G’s travel, the Body Pump schedule at the gym and the fact that I try not to run on back-to-back days, that’s just not going to happen. Luckily I’m early enough in my training that I don’t think this will matter,

Here’s the plan this week:

Sunday: 8 mile long run

Monday: Body Pump (but dialing down the squats and lunges a bit, depending on how tired my legs feel from today’s run)

Tuesday: 4 miles (with 2 miles at tempo)

Wednesday: Body Pump

Thursday: Rest (since Dr. G. is traveling)

Friday: 5 miles (moderate pace)

Saturday: Hot yoga

Anyone else trying to get back on track after school vacation week?