Fun Facts Friday {7.3.15}

1. This week Buddy started camp at the local YMCA…back to the days of nasty backpacks, wet towels and clothes, smelly feet, and one dirt-covered boy. (Seriously, what is in that dirt?! I swear, it does not come out and leaves a lovely but stubborn ring in the bathtub when he’s done).

IMG_4583 (1)

Ewwww! The “ring of Buddy” post-camp, post-bath.

But it’s all worth it, seeing that smile on his face when I pick him up and hearing him babble on about things like playing “Gaga” (I still don’t know what that is) or talking like a starstruck teenybopper about his teenage counselors.

2. It’s so weird not having any races on my calendar until late September (ZOOMA Cape Cod 10K). Last August, I ran the PawSox 5K — maybe I’ll try and do that one again. I was also considering running the Blessing of the Fleet, a 10-miler down in Rhode Island, but the race takes place on a Friday night, and not only do I have to work, but I have Buddy and a friend at sports camp with me (one perk of working at a university) that day, and there’s no way I’ll get down to RI in time. Sigh. Maybe next year.

3. Speaking of work, one other perk (or two) of working at a university? Having access to a state-of-the-art gym at lunch, and being able to run to the campus bookstore to buy a sports bra when you realize you forgot yours at home!


4. On Tuesday, I had my first trampoline park experience.The kids had a blast at Launch Norwood, and, I admit, so did I. Although it was kind of sad: every time I jumped too high, my stomach dropped, like it does when you’re at the top of a roller coaster. Man, am I getting old. LOL.

I knew Buddy would go nuts there (and he’s no stranger to trampoline parks), but I wasn’t sure about Mimi. Yes, she takes gymnastics so jumping is nothing new to her, but she tends to be cautious in new situation. But apparently not with trampolines (especially the trampoline where you bounce in a foam pit). In fact, she cried at the end of the night when it was time to go. Thanks for having us, Launch!


5. Ugh, ANTS. For the last few summers, we’ve had those tiny, annoying little ants in our kitchen, tormenting us. Dr. G. and I cannot figure out were they are coming from. So annoying…and gross! Those suckers are persistent! Thankfully, my friend Diane has a surefire homemade ant killer recipe. Time to whip up a batch!

6. Our basement is ALMOST DONE. Yes, I had to use all caps because I’m that excited! I have some paint touch-ups to do today, and then I think we’re ready for the kids to start using the space. They’ll have to deal with bean bags for furniture for now, since we’re getting a couch and chair from my aunt later this month, and I still need to get a rug (I’ve been coveting a few at Target), but there’s a TV and PS3 and LEGO “nook,” so I don’t think they’ll mind. I’ve also pinned some decorating ideas on Pinterest. What do you think of these?

7. I’m slowly but surely breaking in my new Mizuno Enigma 5s. This is my first Mizuno experience and I’ve been thrilled so far (thanks, Runner’s World, for the opportunity!). They fit like a glove and have just enough stability. I just wish breaking in shoes wasn’t such a process for me–I have to be careful, between my existing foot issues and my funky running stance.


8. So neither of my kids are fans of fireworks. They’re both pretty noise sensitive, so they’ll stand there with their hands over their ears whenever there are fireworks. In some ways, it makes our July 4th planning a little easier! I think we’re laying low tomorrow for the actual holiday, but trekking into Boston on Sunday for our sail around Boston Harbor! The weather looks perfect for a boat ride–can’t wait!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Have fun and be safe!!