I Survived a Blizzard and Two Snow Days Alone With My Kids

Generally I don’t mind a snow day at home with the family. It’s an excuse to sleep in, drink cocoa, build a snowman, make an Instagram-worthy pot of homemade soup for dinner and made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies.

And since Dr. G and I are both home, we can alternate checking emails and maybe doing a little work, just to stay on top of things.

Yet Dr. G had left for a work trip on Monday night, a few hours before Blizzard Juno unleashed her fury on southeastern Mass.

kids playing in snow

I was prepared for it. I got a lesson in how to use our big, scary snowblower on Sunday morning. I grabbed chocolate chip cookie mix and wine on Sunday while out doing errands. I made a list of movies we always wanted to watch on Netflix to entertain the kids during the day.

Yet at 6:30 am on Tuesday, Mimi came into my room like she usually does and we cuddled for awhile, and I enjoyed the fact that I could “sleep in.” Then all of the sudden, this popped into my head:

Sh*t, I am going to be stuck in the house. Alone. With the kids. For at least 24 hours, and most likely 48. With a long driveway to deal with, a dog who needs a potty path dug when it snows, a work project approaching a critical deadline, two stir-crazy kids and no adult company.

And then I peaked out the window. OMG. 20 inches, maybe. And it wasn’t even 7 am.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Okay, so maybe I pulled a bit of a martyr act whenever someone asked “how I was holding up.” But you know what? In the end, it wasn’t so bad.

Yes, it was stressful — especially trying to juggle work and the call of “Mom!” or “Mommy!” every thirty seconds (I eventually decided to just check email intermittently and do “real work” when they went to bed).

Yes, they got to watch more TV than they normally do (a special treat, I kept telling them).

Yes, using the snowblower was really intimidating and I hated that I had to leave the kids inside (albeit engrossed in a movie) while I worked outside.

Yes, my body hurts from shoveling Raven’s potty path and the front path and stairs to our house.

Yes, it took 45 minutes to get my kids dressed to play outside for 20 minutes. And yes, there was definitely some cabin fever.

But there’s something to be said for wearing your sweats for two days and going makeup free.

For having an agenda-free day.

For letting Mimi take an afternoon snooze in your lap while watching an old favorite, “Sliding Doors” and daydreaming about chopping off all your hair like Gwyneth’s character.

For eating more chocolate chips cookies than I normally do (washed down with cocoa, of course).

For enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine at 5pm, accompanied by some HGTV.


For accomplishing small tasks like sorting the laundry and organizing the growing pile of old school work and art projects in our office.

For watching your senior dog frolic in the snow like a puppy again.


And, yep, I am proud of my handiwork clearing off our driveway.

How do you survive snow days?