My Working Motherhood Podcast Interview

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend! I would say the highlight of my weekend was surviving my first trail race yesterday (recap to come this week), but I also have some exciting news to share …


Okay, I know I don’t talk about the specifics of my day job very often here, but let’s just say that as someone who spent 15+ years in the public relations world, I’ve done my fair share of media training– you know, preparing experts (mostly physicians and researchers, in my case) to do interviews with anyone from the New York Times to the Today Show to 60 Minutes.

In those cases, I would share my tips for a successful interview, we’d practice some Q&A, maybe do a recorded session where I played the role of reporter so my client could see what they looked like on camera, and then we’d head off to the interview (and I’d keep my fingers crossed).

So it was definitely a little unnerving to have the tables turn recently when I did my first ever podcast interview with Working Motherhood! If you’re not familiar with it, Working Motherhood is the brainchild of Dr. Portia Jackson and is a podcast dedicated to sharing the various journeys of working moms from all walks of life. Three days a week, she interviews today’s most successful working moms to discuss how they manage the challenges, celebrate the triumphs, and share their best tips on working motherhood. So, naturally, I was so thrilled and honored that they reached out to me to share MY story.

working motherhood

Honestly, I thought my background in media training would have set me up well for this, but whoa, was I nervous! I think I rambled quite a bit. And used far too many ums and likes (a media training no-no). It was definitely a humbling — but incredibly rewarding — experience. But one that was well worth it.

Because it gave me an opportunity to  talk about things like my incredible “tribe” of fellow moms here in my town, having the confidence to switch careers, and my struggles with “being present” when I’m home with the kiddos …issues I suspect most moms (regardless of if, where, or how they work) can relate to.

I admit I haven’t listened to this yet … and I’m not sure I will. I don’t want to listen to this with a critical ear and pick apart the mechanics of my interview rather than focusing on the message. So I’m turning to you guys!

If you want, here’s the link for my interview — I’d love to know what you think! Any advice? Feedback? Questions?

Do you listen to podcasts?