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I know, I know. I haven’t been very consistent with my meal planning lately. Honestly, it’s been nearly a month since I last posted my menu and workout plan.

And I’m not sure why.

I could come up with a litany of excuses: I’m still adjusting to the new routine. I haven’t been feeling very inspired. I’ve been kinda-sorta lazy. And technically I guess they’re all true in some way. But enough’s enough.

I know the best way to get out of a rut is to just dive back in headfirst, so here I am.

And just to shake things up, I am even going to attempt — gasp!! — a crock pot recipe this week. This is kind of a big deal for me because I have a full-fledged fear of crock pots. Well, it’s not really just crock pots … I’m petrified of leaving any device plugged in when no one is home. I am convinced I will set my house on fire. I am the person who will pull out of the driveway in the morning suddenly panic that I left my flat iron/curling iron/regular iron plugged in, the slam on my brakes and sprint inside to check and find that, nope, everything is unplugged.

And the two or three times I attempted a crock pot recipe? The results were, ehhh, subpar. I guess I’ve had a hard time finding good vegetarian crock pot recipes.

But I came across an interesting vegetarian chili recipe and thought it was worth a shot. And who knows, if it works out, then maybe I can start incorporating crock pot recipes into our weekly meal rotation.

Here’s this week’s meal plan:

Sunday: We’re having a few friends over for dinner, so we’re making roasted sweet potatoes, pan-seared brussel sprouts and I’ll bust out one of my Gardein Turk’y Cutlets while the boys (and Mimi) enjoy something meaty. 

Monday: Smoky black bean and sweet potato chili

Tuesday: Veggie burgers and Smitten Kitchen’s sauteed zucchini

Wednesday: Spinach salad with Gardein crispy chik’n tenders

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner (pancakes or eggs)

Friday: TBD

Saturday: Family day in Boston, including a special day at The Nutrcracker (presented by the Boston Ballet) and dinner at Max Brenner’s

Workout Plan

Ugh, so here’s the scoop. I hurt my back. 

I’m not quite sure how it happened. Last Monday, I took a Functional Training class at the fitness center at work, which is kind of like a combo boot camp/CrossFit class. It’s an awesome workout but I think I tweaked something. It may be sciatica, I’m not sure, but it’s a pain that runs down my left side, from my glutes to my hamstrings to my calf.

Ugh. Anyone else experienced this? I’ve had it on and off again over the last few years but this time it’s been pretty persistent. It might be time to seek some help … maybe a chiropractor?

It also has me thinking about incorporating more yoga into my routine, especially during the running “off season.” More to come on that.

Anyway, I’ve been a little nervous to run so until I am back to 100%, I am going to adjust my workouts so I don’t injure myself further (read: no weight lifting). But at the same point, I need to do some cardio. It’s been nearly a week and I am feeling sluggish and cranky. I need those endorphins ;)

So here’s my modified plan:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Easy 3 mile run (if I can) or 50 min on elliptical

Tuesday: Spin class

Wednesday: Body pump (depending on how I’m feeling) or elliptical or easy run

Thursday: Go for a walk at lunchtime

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Body pump or easy run in AM

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      Jessica says

      That’s great to hear!!! We ended up having to change our meal plan around this week, so I’m moving the chili to Sunday night. I’m excited to try it!! :)

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