Fun Facts Monday

1. Yes, I am totally writing this post because life got crazy late last week and I never got a chance to do a Five for Friday. Just go with it.

2. I survived nearly 24 hours of camping this weekend. This is a big deal, because I am not a camper. Hotels and restaurants, now that’s more my speed. But the husband and kids love the outdoors, so I decided to suck it up and join them out in western Massachusetts at a state campground (Tolland State Forest)  in the foothills of the Berkshires, where we were meeting up with my mother-in-law, who drove up from Pennsylvania (more on that).


I decided I like everything about camping except the whole, you know, sleeping in a tent thing. The campground was near a lake where people had private residences, and there was some sort of par-tay going on, which I’m guessing was a wedding reception, based on the super cheesy music they were playing (“Jump Jump!” “Cotton-Eyed Joe”) … until 10:30pm. Ugh. And don’t get me started on the illegal fireworks which went off until 11:30pm, freaking out both Raven and Mimi and making it impossible to fall asleep.

3. Buddy is going back with his Grandma to Pennsylvania for the week for some one-on-one Grandma and Grandpa spoiling time. I already miss him like crazy. Mimi? Not so much. She is thrilled to have us to herself … for now. But ask me again later this week. I think she’ll be in big brother withdrawal.

4. So I tried my first Stitch Fix a few weeks ago and …eh. I was underwhelmed. And disappointed.

The sizing was totally off (even though I was 100% honest in the multi-page survey I filled out back in May when I registered) and the style just wasn’t me.

stitch fix
I immediately boxed everything up and sent it back to Stitch Fix, bummed that I spent $20 (the styling fee you pay even if you don’t end up keeping any of the items).

Boo. I know some people swear by Stitch Fix and others say it takes a few tries to get it right, but personally, I’m not willing to shell out $20 every time on good faith. I guess I’ll just keep running to LOFT on my lunch break ;)

5. Do you listen to books on CD? I just finished Emily Giffin’s “The One & Only” and it was okay. The problem for me was that last week Buddy was commuting me to attend a camp at the university where I work, which was a lot of fun. Except that my story was a little, um, adult for him. It was soooo hard to be at a pivotal point at the book and not know what happens next! Thankfully he crashed most afternoons on the drive home, so I got to get my fix ;)

6. Hey Boston friends — did you know The Shops at Prudential Center is offering a Family Film Festival each Saturday this summer?


All movies are free and start at sundown on Prudential Center’s South Garden, and family-friendly entertainment and activities start at 6pm. (Rain dates are the following Wednesday). Even better: the first 20 guests to arrive each night will receive a free picnic blanket compliment of The Shops at Prudential Center, and guests who make a $10 purchase in the Center can take advantage of on-site discounted parking.

Here’s the lineup on movies the rest of the month:

August 16: The Lego Movie
August 23: Finding Nemo
August 30: The Little Mermaid

We’re going on Saturday, if you want to join us! Can’t resist the idea of watching The Lego Movie under the stars.

7. I did my first double-digit run yesterday! I think it was first since the Run to Remember half marathon, if you can believe it. I didn’t really set myself up for a good run: I barely slept the night before at the campground, my back was sore from sleeping on the ground, and by the time I got home, it was noon and 85 degrees, so I decided to wait until 5pm to head out. I think that last part threw me off the most because, as you guys know, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to running … and I do not run in the evening. I am totally an AM runner. But I knew I had to get my mileage in, so off I went.

Building your mileage back up is always so rough (and often humbling) at the beginning of training, but it’s worth it when you’re done, right? I mean, I was even too pooped to take any sort of post-run photo :> But this sums up how I feel better than any exhausted, sweaty selfie could.


Because even though it was not my best run (not by a long shot), it was still a small victory. And I’m okay with that.

How was your weekend? Any small victories to share?


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    Jennifer says

    I love books on tape for long runs..they keep me from trying to run too fast like I do with music. I only listen to them when I run, too, so it makes me want to run even more to find out what happens next. And congrats on the double digit run! I am still trying to get back to myself after a spring marathon, and you are right – it is so humbling.

    • 2

      Jessica says

      I should try that next time, although part of me really likes the cadence and the beats of my running tunes. But maybe it’s time to mix things up :)

  2. 3


    Small Victory report: I managed to go to five different places with my two year old and we didn’t have any meltdowns! Once close call but nothing huge, having snacks with me helped and I compromised (here riding in the back of the cart vs. walking at Costco) when needed.
    I was SO thrilled to have finished everything all before nap time so I too could take a nap :)
    Very grateful for this small victory.

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      Jessica says

      Five stores with a 2-year-old and no meltdowns? Now that might be a HUGE victory in my book ;)