Some New Healthy Habits (With a Little Help from Walgreens)

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Starting some new healthy habits, with a little help from Walgreens #HerHealth #shop

Starting some new healthy habits, with a little help from Walgreens #HerHealth #shop

I recently had an epiphany. After spending ten minutes lathering up my kids in sunscreen before going out to play in the backyard, it struck me that I’ll go out in the summer for an hour-plus run in a tank top and not a single drop of SPF.  And it’s not like I don’t need it; I’m fair and freckled and burn almost instantaneously. But I’m so focused on getting out for my run — finding my headphones and Garmin and water bottle — that my skin health simply never enters into the equation. And I realized I should start mimicking some of the healthy habits, like the importance of sunscreen, that I’m trying to instill in my kids.

In fact, I consider myself incredibly lucky that I haven’t come home from a run yet with sunburned shoulders, but I think that is mostly due to the fact that my regular routes are pretty shaded, and I run with a hat. But I have a few races coming up over the next few months that I know are not as covered, which means my shoulders will be taking the full brunt of the sun.

In other words, it’s time for some sunscreen that can hold up during those long and sweaty runs.

But whoa, there are so many to choose from! Check out the selection at my local Walgreens.


I eventually decided on the Neutrogena Ultimate Sports spray (for my shoulders, arms, etc.) with an SPF of 100+, and the accompanying Sport Face oil-free lotion and sunscreen, with an SPF of 70+, because they’re are sweat-proof AND water resistant.


But I love how Walgreens also had some signage to help customers determine what kind of sunscreen they need, how best to apply it, etc.

walgreens sunscreen

A few aisles over, Mimi was thinking about the effects of the sun’s rays too … on her eyes. Yes, I caved and bought her these Disney Princess sunglasses. How could I resist this face?


While we were there, I also realized I was out of multivitamins and I knew if I didn’t remember to get some then, I would keep forgetting (you moms out there know what I’m talking about). Love stores where I can multitask!

As a vegetarian, I do try and supplement with a daily multivitamin since I know there are some nutrients and vitamins I don’t get naturally in my diet. I definitely had a lot of options to choose from, as you can see.


I eventually settled on a new kind of vitamin – the Well at Walgreens brand Women’s Ultimate A thru Z multivitamin.


So yesterday morning, I decided to head out for a 6-7 mile run, and by 9 am, it was already 65 degrees here in the Boston area, without a cloud in the sky. I figured this was the perfect to day to adopt my new sunscreen-before-run habit.

The spray went on light and actually had a pretty nice smell (compared to other sunscreens) but I really like the Neutrogena sport face. Again, it went on light and was perfect on a day when I decided to run sans hat (which went better than I expected).

My summer running supplies.

My summer running supplies.

Not surprisingly, it was a sweaty run but I didn’t notice the sunscreen stinging or running down my arms, and I came home an hour later without even the slightest twinge of red. Success!


It’s now going to be a matter of adopting this into my regular summer running routine, but I’m thankful that I was able to find some products at my local Walgreens that will help me protect my skin (and my health) and set a good example for my kids.

Do you wear sunscreen when you participate in outdoors sports or activities, whether it’s running, hiking, biking, walking, etc.?



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      Jessica says

      I’ve been loving it too! I’m terrible about wearing sunscreen when I run, but when I do, it used to sting once I started to sweat. But not this kind! Glad I stocked up :)

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    I really SHOULD use more sunscreen. I’m awful about it too. I have weird skin. I have olive undertones but lots of freckles and moles and I do burn pretty easily. I’ve had several pre-cancerous spots removed from all over my body and I really should know better. I protect my face, but not my arms like I should (and I have a sleeve tattoo that really needs constant sunscreen!). I started running in October and didn’t feel like I needed to protect myself through the fall and winter. Now that it is summer in the south, I really do need to start putting sunscreen on before I run. I am glad that you mentioned the Neutrogena didn’t run into your eyes. That’s the WORST! #client
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