My Life in Numbers {Updated}

I recently came across this old post from December 2012 and realized it could use a little updating! So here is my life in numbers, circa 2014!


First, I want to say thank you for your support of my recent post on my struggle with ulcerative colitis. I never expected to receive such an outpouring of support. It was truly incredible, and a bit overwhelming. Believe me when I say I was moved and touched by all your stories and words of encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Since that was such a heavy piece, I thought I needed to lighten things up a bit. Diane recently posted her “Life in Numbers,” which I thought was genius. It’s pretty crazy how much you can learn about someone through something as simple as a series of numbers.

My life in numbers:

38 – Numbers of years I’ve been on this earth

5 – Number of states I’ve lived in (MA, RI, MD, NY, DC)

6 – Number of full-time jobs I’ve had since graduating from college

12 – Number of years I’ve lived in Massachusetts (including college)

24 – Number of years that I’ve been a vegetarian

11 – Number of magazines that I subscribe to (woot – this is down TWO from 2012!)

1 – Number of fashion magazines I’ve worked at

3 – Number of months I worked as a White House intern (I know, I know)

Related numbers

1 – Number of times I’ve met Bill Clinton

1 – Number of times I performed a song and dance parody in front of Al Gore

1 – Number of times I shared an elevator with Socks the cat (who was on a leash)

1 – Number of times I accidentally hung up on Al Gore when he was calling from Air Force Two

10 – Number of years I’ve been married

25 – Number of years that I’ve known my best friend

50 – Number of times I’ve seen the movie “Rudy” and cried

7 – Number of countries I’ve visited (Italy, France, England, Belgium, St. Lucia, Netherlands, Canada)

1 – Number of pets we have

2 – Number of children we have

1 – Number of tattoos I have

48 – Number of times I hear, “Mommy, what’s for dinner?” on a weekly basis

263 – Number of kisses I dish out to my kids on a weekly basis

2 – Number of years since I last went to a concert (New Kids on the Block … don’t judge)

79 – Number of times per week I say things like, “Stop antagonizing your sister!”, “We’ll see,” or other phrases that make me sound like my mother

288 – Number of miles I drive weekly to and from work

27 – Number of seconds I missed a sub-2:00 half marathon this spring

2- Number of half marathons I plan to run this fall

0 – Number of times I’ve been stung by a bee

12 – Number of years I’ve lived with ulcerative colitis

1 – Number of nieces and nephews I have

1 – Number of siblings I have

6 – Number of hours of sleep I get per night

9 – Number of hours of sleep I wish I got each night

3 – Number of cups of coffee I drink each day

Tell me something from your life in numbers!


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      Jessica says

      Thanks :) I was mortified back when all those things happened but now I think they’re hysterical. Really, who hangs up on the VP?!? He was soooo cranky when he had to call back. LOL.