Musical Madness on Netflix #StreamTeam

We are a family of singers.

Some of us are better than others, but none of us are shy about it. Buddy routinely sings along with the radio (One Direction). Dr. G. sings along to his alt music channels on Pandora (yawn). I have a weakness for Broadway showtunes (“Wicked”) and ‘9os grunge.

And then there’s Mimi, who tends to gravitate towards a certain Disney song …

But it’s funny – with the exception of Disney cartoons, we don’t really watch many musicals in our house. The only non-Disney musical my kids have seen is one of my all-time favorites: The Sound of Music. I still get a chill when I hear “Raindrops on Roses,” a lullaby I sometimes sing to Mimi on occasion.

Yet there are so many other non-Disney musicals out there — and available on Netflix streaming — that I know my kids would love, such as:

Musicals for the kiddos on Netflix #StreamTeam via

Shrek The Musical
Camp Rock (okay, this one is technically Disney, but it’s not a cartoon, so it doesn’t count :>)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Prince of Egypt (for my mummy-obsessed son)
Rock-A-Doodle (a ’90s relic)

 And considering how much my kids love to perform and crave the spotlight, I think I may have to consider making this no-sew stage curtain, which would work perfectly in our playroom.


Trust me, I’m not crafty, so
if I think I can do it, anyone can do it. Click here for instructions.

Tell me: What is your favorite musical?

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    Jennifer says

    I am not a huge musical fan, but I love Mary Poppins. My kids loved it too and would run around the couch singing “Step in Time” constantly. Ironically, my son told me that I was nota very good singer just the other day in the car!
    That video is so cute! She really was getting into the song before being distracted by her boo boo!