Meal Planning (Week of Dec. 15)

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year … until I try to button my pants. Seriously. Between the cookies and treats and parties and wine and you-name-it, I am feeling the extra holiday pounds a little early this year. It happens every year, and usually with a little extra ooomph at the gym, and being a little more mindful of what I eat, it disappears sometime in January. 

But I guess I forgot how crummy I feel when I eat so much junk. And last week’s back issues, which limited my exercise (and are thankfully improved), only exacerbated the issue.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE holiday treats. But I don’t love how I feel the next day after indulging. I guess I’m still learning to find that fine balance between enjoying the festivities — and my favorite holiday treats — without going completely overboard. Because while I hate feeling sluggish from too much sugar, etc., I also don’t want to sit on the sidelines, looking on while my kids squeal in delight over trying our homemade holiday cookies or preparing hot mugs of cocoa while we watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s all about moderation, which is always easier said than done, right? 

Anyway, that’s the name of the game with this week’s meal plan. Simple ingredients. Relatively clean eating. 

Meal Plan

Sunday: So the crock pot chili didn’t end up happening last week, but it’s back on the menu today!

Monday: Poached eggs in tomato sauce via Smitten Kitchen

Tuesday: Black bean tacos (adults) and cheese quesadillas (kiddos)

Wednesday: Quinoa cakes (via Heidi Swanson) and roasted veggies (Trader Joe’s fish nuggets for kiddos) 

Thursday: Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad (spaghetti and meatballs  for kiddos)

Friday: Kiddos traditional mac & cheese night (TBD for adults)

Saturday: Totally undecided. We don’t have any plans, and sometimes we like to use that as an excuse to make more of a complicated dinner 

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Exercise Plan

So the good news is that my back is feeling better!! Wow, that took awhile, nearly a week. Now that I’m 100%, I am chomping at the bit to jump back in full force — especially when it comes to running. I haven’t been running consistently for a few weeks now, and I haven’t run more than 5 miles in a long time. This usually happens every winter, when I don’t have a race looming ahead of me that I need to train for, but I have to find a way to overcome it, because I find myself missing it. Time to get back in the game. 

And that means five days of 5am workouts. Ugh.

Sunday: Rest (more like a recovery from yesterday’s Body Pump class, in which I bumped up my weights for lunges … oh my)

Monday: Body Pump in the AM

Tuesday: 3-4 miles in AM

Wednesday: Body Pump in AM

Thursday: Spin in AM

Friday: Boot camp in AM

Saturday: Rest

 Anyone else feeling the extra holiday indulgence a little early this year?


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