I’m With the Netflix Stream Team

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I was recently asked to join Netflix’s Stream Team, and honestly, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. We’ve started streaming movies and TV shows more and more lately, mostly because I love how we can watch on our own schedule, and since this winter has been so brutal, we’ve been staying in more and having a lot of movie nights.

Although I admit I was initially a little skeptical about streaming video. I had visions of watching a You Tube video and having it pause every few seconds due to a slow Internet connection. But it’s not like that at all. Movies and TV shows are instantly streamed (not downloaded) via a Netflix-ready device. There’s no pausing or other technical blips. It’s just like watching a show on cable TV or a movie on DVD. You can even pause them. 

And unlike On Demand, I can access shows like “House of Cards” that air on premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime, which we currently don’t subscribe to. Plus no annoying commercials, yay!

We’re still exploring our new system and I’m excited to show Buddy how it works. In the meantime, I went ahead and took advantage of Netflix’s ability to create personalized profiles for each family member within a single account.

Now when Buddy becomes familiar with using the system, he can access cartoons and other kid-friendly shows selected just for him based on what he watches. One other major bonus: all the kids titles have been pre-screened and are appropriate for kids aged 2-12.  


As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I’ll be sharing our family’s experience with Netflix and some monthly family-friendly movie suggestions. So be sure to stay tuned! (no pun intended)

Do you use Netflix or have you ever watched streaming shows or movies?

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team and #NetflixKids, I will receive a complimentary year’s subscription to Netflix and a Roku 3.


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    I have Netflix at home and I don’t regret it. Its easy and simple to use. Tons of movies my kiddos can watch too! Welcome to the club! lol :)