I’m One of the Babble 100!

I am one of Babble's Top 100 Bloggers of 2013!


I am still in a bit of shock.

I was named of Babble’s 100 Best Bloggers of 2013.

I am speechless. But mostly, I am humbled and proud that my little blog  was recognized alongside the likes of some insanely talented — and well-established — bloggers.

Seriously, what am I doing here?!

This year, Babble decided to try a new approach with their fifth annual round-up of some of the top voices in the blogosphere. Instead of just listing parenting bloggers (which often included the same names year after year), this year’s list (chosen by an expert panel) covers 10 unique categories — including beauty, travel, food, motherhood, fatherhood, and Body + Mind, which is the category I am proud to be a part of.

And in an attempt to highlight lesser known bloggers, one blogger in each category has the honor of being the Reader’s Choice pick … and in the Body + Mind category, that blogger was me.


Somebody please pinch me.

At the same time, it’s a little overwhelming, given that I really haven’t been blogging for very long, and I’m trying hard to find the balance between being proud of this achievement and not getting too caught up in it. Because lists — in all their subjectivity — are a tricky thing. I know for a fact that there are hundreds of amazing bloggers who deserve to be on this list, too. And I’m sure there will be some who will stumble across my feature on Babble and think, Why is SHE on there?

The truth is, I don’t know. What I do know is that my blog is my outlet, my voice, my little place to share my attempts to balance motherhood, career, family, marriage, fitness, running, and my sanity. And just as I did with that first post more than a year ago, I write for me, and for you, my readers … not for accolades or awards. Being recognized by awesome sites like Babble for my hard work? That’s icing on the cake, friends.

Thank you so very much for reading and commenting and following along on my adventures over the last 15 months. It’s been quite a ride, and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

And if you’re visiting from Babble, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

P.S. Here’s the link to my Babble 100 profile … check it out to see a photo of my happy place :) And be sure to take a look at the other incredible bloggers on this year’s list!


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