I’m a Huggies Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador

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Come join us on our potty training adventures with Huggies Pull-Ups!  #CelebrateFirstFlush #sponsored #MC

I feel like we have been potty-training Mimi for like two years.

I know this is impossible, since she is only two, but she first expressed interest in using the potty around this time last year and I feel like it’s been a uphill battle ride since. One month she’ll proactively ask to use the potty, and the next she’ll adamantly refuse to go anywhere even near the bathroom. And that’s how it’s been for about six months.

So the timing couldn’t be more perfect to be named a Huggies Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador! Pull-Ups training pants have been a critical part of our potty-training journey (even going back three or four years to Buddy’s potty-training days), and I love how they are so easy for kids to pull up and down themselves (perfect for kids like Mimi, who craves independence and has to do everything herself).

Well, my daughter decided to throw me for a loop last week, demanding to trade in her daytime Pull-Ups for “big girl” underpants. And wouldn’t you know, she went nearly all week (during the day) without an accident, and decided she didn’t even need her potty seat anymore either because “I’m a big girl!”

I’m not quite sure what sparked this sudden love for the potty, or if she simply decided it was time, but now she’ll announce she has to go, marches into the bathroom, closes the door because she needs “privacy,” and goes. It’s all about independence with this one, and I love how excited and proud she is of herself.

I honestly have no idea if this is a fluke or yet another dip on the potty-training roller coaster, and in a few days she’ll suddenly refuse to go again. But in order to keep the momentum going, I’m planning to use the different tools and resources available through the Big Kid Academy on the Pull-Ups website, including printables (LOVE the potty-training progress chart), activities and expert advice for when I need a potty-training pep talk. Plus lots of high-fives and stickers, too!

And I know from my experiences with Buddy that staying dry throughout the night can definitely be a challenge (I still have flashbacks of the many, many times I had to change his sheets in the middle of the night because he wet the bed), so our Huggies Pull-Ups will continue to come in handy, especially as we get ready to transition Miss Mimi from her crib to a “big girl” bed (tear). Now she’ll be able to get up on her own and pull down her Pull-Ups if she needs to use the potty at night.

So stay tuned for more on our potty-training adventures, and I’ll be back over the next few weeks with stories from the trenches and more posts for those of you who are also embarking on this journey. In the meantime, you can get more potty-training information on the Pull-Ups website, and their Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

What’s your top trick or advice for potty-training?


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    Shell says

    Gosh, I remember those days! And they seem like there is never light at the end of that tunnel! I remember both of my boys were potty trained, then decided it was too much work and time away from fun- so they reverted! Uggg! So happy those days are long gone! :) That’s so awesome there is a helpful resource like this!

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      Jessica says

      Me too! It’s also been interesting comparing potty-training a boy vs. a girl. Besides the obvious (!), they really are completely different.

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    All three of my kids totally did the potty training on their own time and their own way. I think it really is all up to the kid and when they are ready they are ready! Daniel is still in Pull Ups at night and I don’t see that ending anytime soon!
    Dollops of Diane recently posted..Marvelous Monday!

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      Jessica says

      My oldest wore night time PullUps forever, it seemed. He’s such a deep sleeper that he has a hard time waking himself up if he needed to go. (And I’m sure he’s going to kill me someday for writing that on the Internet – LOL :>)