Five for Friday {8.22.14}

5 for Friday with

1// For my Boston-area friends, definitely check out the Prudential Center’s 2014 Family Film Festival. We headed there last weekend, taking in a viewing of “The LEGO Movie” under the stars in the Prudential’s South Garden, surrounded by the bright lights of the skyscrapers.


We got there about an hour before the movie (which started around 8pm), participated in some of the kid-friendly activities leading up to the move (coloring, dancing and — of course — LEGO building), ate dinner outside, snacked on some popcorn and had a blast.

There are still two more weeks to check it out! Tomorrow’s movie is “Finding Nemo,” and one of Mimi’s favorites — “The Little Mermaid — closes out the festival next weekend.

2// My new favorite iPhone app is Audiobook Pop! Never heard of it? It’s a collection of audiobooks for kids with all the classics, like Alice in Wonderland and Little Bear, separated by age, duration, title and author. Buddy has been listening to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for the last few weeks whenever we’ve been in the car and is hooked! Now that he’s done, we’re going to watch the original Wizard of Oz movie this weekend.

3// Love wine and chocolate? Me too! So it was a no-brainer to accept an invitation to check out Chocolate Therapy’s Wine and Chocolate night.

Chocolate Therapy is chocolate shop with two locations in the greater Boston area that seriously makes the most amazing homemade chocolates in such interesting and unusual and delicious flavors! (My favorites? Sweet Potato Truffle, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel and The Cure, which includes flavors of cinnamon and cayennne pepper).

The shop recently introduced a Wine and Chocolate night, which starts with an introduction by the owners Pam and Dave to the chocolate-making process, followed by a tasting of five different chocolates expertly matched with five specially selected wines.


Here’s what we tasted …

wine chocolate tasting

I admit, I love wine and chocolate so much that my instincts were just to gulp them down. But I listed to Pam as she described how the flavors play off of and enhance each other, and I tried to savor each little taste. And it was incredible! My favorites were the Milk Chocolate Truffle paired with the syrah and the Sea Salt Caramel with the sherry. But honestly, they were all delicious.

After the tasting, the group of four of us stayed and chatted a bit longer before venturing back into the store to purchase some goodies to take home.


And Diane and I had a little fun.

wine and chocolate fun

The Wine and Chocolate  evening is definitely a fun ladies night out; they just need to open a little wine bar in a corner of the shop so you can sit around and linger (and enjoy some more wine!) after the tasting :)

4// I decided to check out a new running route on my long run last  weekend, and whoa …it’s crazy how invigorating a new route can be!


As you guys know, I’m a creature of habit, especially when it comes to running, but last Sunday the thought of running my same old route made me want to crawl back into bed. So I went on MapMyRun and found some 10 mile routes others in my town have shared. I had to improvise a bit when I was out there, but it was so fun to run by new sights, tackle new hills, and I can even say I ran through three towns :)

5// As those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram know, last weekend I braved the outlet crowds and took Mimi shoe shopping. Now Mimi is normally my favorite shopping partner. She’s helpful, she doesn’t wander, and she often makes good recommendations. But shoe shopping is a whole different thing.

Mimi has wide feet and is VERY particular about how shoes fit her. If they are even a smidge tight, she’ll squirm and freak out and refuse to wear them.

On top of it all, I’d say 99% of the shoe selections for preschool girls had: (a) sparkles, (b) lights, (c) princesses (or Hello Kitty), (d) faux jewels, (e) sequins, or (f) all of the above. I felt like a pageant mom.

Trying to then find a pair that weren’t too garish but also fit her without inducing ear-piercing screams was quite the challenge. These were the shoes we ended up with, after about an hour of sheer hell.


Yes, there was definitely some compromise here.

Some of you on Facebook recommended Hanna Anderson, Keen and other brands for shoes for little girls that are cute and stylish but don’t have all the unnecessary bells and whistles and sparkles, which I’ll definitely check out next time. Because, call me crazy, I want my little girl to look — gasp!– like a little girl, not a beauty queen or Disney princess.

Okay, that’s it for me!  What’s your one pet peeve about shopping for shoes or clothes for your kids?

Disclaimer: I received compensation for some of the activities mentioned in this post, but all opinions are (as always) my own.


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    Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My only pet peeve about shopping for my boys is that often times they literally only wear a pair of jeans once or twice before they come home with holes in their knees. I spend more money in pants for them than I want to…..