An AWOL Elf and My Holiday Checklist

So the day we got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Pennsylvania, I ran down to the basement to unearth our Elf on the Shelf, Fisbee. For the past few years, ever since Fisbee “joined” our family one Christmas, he appears at our house sometime that afternoon we get back from our Turkey Day travels, ringing the doorbell and waiting for the kiddos to discover him on the doorstep.

Except this year I couldn’t find him.

Dr. G. and I scoured our basement for nearly an hour, but there was no sign whatsoever of our little friend. 


He went AWOL.

(In reality, Dr. G. and I think we may have accidentally thrown him away when our basement flooded back in the spring. Whooops.)

RIP Fisbee

And Buddy had already been asking when Fisbee was going to arrive, since some of his friends had been talking about how their elves had already shown up.

“Oh, I think Fisbee knew we were away in Pennsylvania, so he probably just wants to make sure we’re home before he just shows up,” I explained, trying to sound natural, while inside I was panicking, trying to think of to say to derail any suspicions and maintain his precious sense of belief.

I looked at my watch. 6:20pm, Sunday night. What time do the stores close on Sunday nights? 7pm? Would anyone even still have Elf on the Shelf kits left on December 2? 


I struck out at Wal-Mart, so I hauled it next door to Barnes and Noble where, at 6:55pm, I grabbed one of the last boxes and sped home, thankful that the elves are completely identical. I was pretty confident Buddy wouldn’t know the difference. I know I couldn’t. It’s kind of like replacing a goldfish, right?

I knew my story about the elf waiting until we were home was really lame, since we always come home on Sunday and he always shows up that same day, so I waited until the kids went to bed, then scribbled this little note (click  here for the awesome template):

Santa note

Sure enough, on Monday morning, Buddy bounded down the stairs and whooped with delight when he saw  his “old” pal Fisbee and carefully read Santa’s note out loud.

“Ohhhhhh ….” he said, knowingly, after reading the note. “That makes sense.”

Crisis averted. And he lives to believe for another year.

Now that our new elf has officially arrived (and is apparently a randy fellow with a thing for blondes), it’s time to break out the holiday music and let the celebrating begin! 

My 2013 Holiday Checklist (

What’s your favorite holiday activity? Do you do the Elf on the Shelf with your kids?


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